Posted 2 days ago

Taking a break

The 5k really exacerbated my hip/hamstring pain (my knee is the least of my pains now) so I am taking some time off. Running isn’t really even an option. Walking is hard enough. Even sleeping is a challenge because it just throbs every second, all night long. I look 100-years old. My husband has to help me get into and out of the car. I have iced it 3 times today, taken an ice bath and already consumed the daily maximum of ibuprofen (that’s just a conservative recommendation, right?).

I know it’s the fast stuff that hurt(s) it. In fact, I know the exact repeat last Tuesday where it went from annoying to all consuming. I think I am going to back off of the speed work. I know that I jumped into it too quickly. Just because I can run all out every interval, doesn’t necessary mean it’s good for me. I literally “race” every track workout. Hind sight’s 20/20, I guess. I will be visiting the doctor as soon as I can get in. Hopefully I can get some exercises to help strengthen the area. I’ve managed this issue for the past 2 years, so I guess it was only a matter of time before it got the better of me.

So, until I get this in hand, I bid you farewell. I don’t want to post the constant negative “still injured” posts, so I think I’ll just live vicariously through you guys and your running until I am firing on all cylinders again.

I’ll be back soon, though :-) A break sometimes does a body good. I’ll be a better, stronger, wiser Sarah. Glass half full, right?

Posted 4 days ago

Saturday - 8/16/14

5k in 20:30. I’m a little disappointed, but it could have been worse.

Posted 5 days ago

Friday - 8/15/14

Easy 6 miles. I’m a mess. I can’t even pinpoint what hurts anymore. I hate people who complain about something, but don’t do anything to solve their problems, so…I think that it may be time to see a sports doctor. And I vow not to complain about my pains anymore after today. It’s like going running in summer and complaining about the heat every run. It is what it is. Complaining doesn’t change anything. Manage it as best you can and shut the hell up.

Sorry. I’m not at my best today. I am a little short on patience due to constant complaining from a few of my fellow teachers about every little thing. Just freakin’ do it! If they’d spent half the time working that they spent complaining, they would be done! Their negativity really brings me down. I actually like these first couple weeks of inservice before school starts. I get to meet everyone and fix up my room and have lunch with my colleagues. I don’t need their negative vibes pulling me down. I teach because it is fun and it makes me happy. I gave up a great engineering career, and half my salary to do it. I just want to tell them to either quit complaining or go find some other profession if this one is such a drag to them. Don’t ruin it for me though, because I sacrificed a lot to be here.

This may be stupid, but there is a 5k tomorrow that I want to do. I took an extra day off this week thanks to my pains, so I should be well rested. Silver lining, right? It is a $1 5k, and my husband and I can both run it because my little one is sleeping at my parents’ house tonight. In the words of my students, yolo :-)

Posted 1 week ago

8/12/2014 Tuesday Track Day

2.4 mile warm up

1600 - 6:02
3 min rest
1600 - 5:59
3 min rest
1000 - 3:44
3 min rest
1000 - 3:47

Half mile barefoot cool down in grass + drills

I am really happy with the pace and how it felt. I felt in control at 6:00 min pace for the first time. The track stuff is by far my favorite thing these days.

I am a little disappointed in my whole knee/left leg issue. Today, my left hip hurt pretty badly during the 1000s - especially on the curves. The hip thing is new. I ended up holding back a bit the last 1000 because it just hurt so dang much on every turn. I considered skipping the last repeat, but I didn’t want to look like I was making excuses. Not sure if that was wise. Tomorrow is a rest day, so hopefully that will work itself out.

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8/11/2014 - Monday

Sigh…Summer is over. Back to early mornings. Got up at 4:00 this morning and out the door by 4:15 for an easy 8 miles. I am pretty sure I was asleep the first 2 miles. Thankfully my Dog, Hutch, knows the loop and I just let him lead me around. 2 with him. 6 solo.

Now the husband is off for his first “official” cross-country practice. He is so full of energy and enthusiasm. He is going to be a great coach.

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8/10/2014 - Sunday

6 more easy miles with Dad at dawn this morning. That puts me at 64 miles for the week!

Posted 1 week ago

8/9/2014 - Saturday

16 miles at 8:23/mile. I’m toast. We did about six on some serious hills, and that was all she wrote for me. Once again, I showed up just to get dropped by the fasties. I feel like Thomas the train…I think I can, I think I can… I just keep coming back for more beatings :-/ Hopefully my long run paces will come down soon. The track stuff is improving, but it’s the long stuff that I just am not very good at (comparatively to the group). Last year I would have been happy with this pace, but this year, I just want to not be dead last for once!! Le sigh. Maybe next week will go better. On a positive note, I managed 7:23 for my last mile. It was a “fast finish” long run day. The other 93% though? Not so fast.

Oh, and I go back to work this week. Cue Debbi Downer sound effect: “wah wah”.

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8/8/2014 - Friday

8 more easy miles on the gravel loop. Running on trails is good for my knees, but terrible for my pretty lavender purple shoes :-(

My husband comes home today!! I miss him so so so much. This is the longest he has ever been gone in 10 years of marriage (yah, I know a week isn’t long). Things he does that I take for granted:

1. Gives me a hug pretty much every time I walk into the room. I am in hug withdrawal.
2. Rubs my back when I am stressed and can’t sleep. I haven’t slept much this week.
3. Entertains the 4-year old, tirelessly.
4. Takes out the trash! Sorry, I forgot this week.
5. Changes the battery in the smoke alarm. The stupid thing started chirping one night, so I ripped it off the ceiling and threw it into the garage at 3:00 am. It’ll be there when you get home, Hon - probably still chirping.
6. Gets all concerned when I run too far in the heat.
7. Takes care of things. All things. If something bothers me, he makes it his mission to fix it.

I am so happy he is coming home tonight. It is hard to make myself be happy when he is gone. Sorry so sappy.

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8/6 & 8/7 

Wednesday - My usual 6 easy miles with my Dad. This run always helps to work the track workout kinks out.

Thursday - 10 hot miles on the 1.7 crushed granite loop. Still trying to stay off the roads a bit to give the knee a break. My husband is out of town this week, so I didn’t get out until late after taking the boy to camp. It was 90 with a “feels like” of 98 and a heat advisory. My knee felt great though, and this pace felt easy. Thanks for all the knee advice! I have been doing EVERYTHING to rehab it. I started very slow today and picked it up each lap to get several at MGP - so I am pretty happy with it considering I am still pretty sore from Tuesday track day.
Oh, and you know you are in small town Texas when you have to dodge horses on the trail :-) I literally had to weave in between them on my last loop. I tried to get a better picture, but I was running and all.

Posted 2 weeks ago

8/5/2014 - Tuesday

AM - 5 miles easy

PM - 2.5 mile warm up
1 mile 5:49!!
6 x 300 w/100 walk rest (59/5:15 pace)
.5 cool down