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7/23/2014 - Wednesday Recovery Run

Wednesdays, I meet my Dad for 6 easy, conversational miles together. After last night’s track work, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. My legs felt trashed when my alarm went off this morning, but they feel a zillion times better post run.

I made the Racing Weight Cookbook Salmon Cakes for dinner last night. So far, everything that I have made from the cookbook has been a hit. They were so easy and really tasty. Canned salmon, who new? They were a hit with the 4-year old, too. We have been an our A-game since we got back from vacation with our nutrition. Hopefully I can keep it up when school starts.

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7/22/2014 - Tuesday Track Day

2.3 warm up

Per our coach, this was to be an “all out workout”, thus the long rest intervals at the beginning. He shortened it by removing the initial mile at the beginning because the heat index was over 100. No complaints here.

1200 - 4:22 (5:49 pace)
4 min rest
1000 - 3:41 (5:53 pace)
3 min rest
800 - 2:52 (5:44 pace)
2 min rest
600 - 2:08 (5:42 pace)
1 min rest
400 - 78 (5:12 pace)
30 sec rest
200 - 38 (5:04 pace)

.5 mile barefoot cool down and drills

This the hardest I have pushed myself in years. It was so hard, but so fun. And, I wasn’t last! Success! :-)

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7/21/2014 - Monday

10 miles at 9:08/mile. Well, it’s summer in Texas. I briefly considered a post run selfie, but I am pretty sure that I look like death warmed over, so here is a picture of the sweat puddle that dripped off my visor brim while I typed this.

My legs were tired, as I would expect. That’s 35 miles since Saturday! Tomorrow is track day. Only goal: don’t be last.

Happy Monday!

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7/20/2014 - Sunday Run 2

6 more miles at 8:52/mile. Ran a second time at noon. In July. In Texas… because:

A. I was behind my husband in weekly mileage and that dog won’t hunt. Competition makes for healthy marriage, right?
B. I needed an hour of quiet. I haven’t been alone in days. Even in the bathroom, “people” (you know who you are) are asking me questions and sticking little sticky fingers under the door.
C. I am tired of getting pounded unto the pavement 3 days a week at run group. I would really like to not be last one of these days. Aim high, right?

There are 4 sub 3-hour girls in the group and it’s no secret what they are doing. The run a freak-ton of miles. I bought the book Racing Weight and the message I got from it is run as much volume as your body, job and marriage can handle. I’m not about to go crazy and abandon my family, but I could definitely be doing more.

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7/20/2014 - Sunday

Met my pregnant friend for an easy-easy 3 mile jog and 2 mile walk. She kept apologizing for going slow, but honestly, it felt awesome to take it easy and chat.

Just received my teaching assignment for next year and I will teach 5 different courses or “preps”. That’s a lot of prepping. Last year I taught 2 different courses. Next year I have 3 different sciences (2 different levels of physics, plus a chemistry) and 2 engineering courses. This also means that I will be split between 2 departments, so double the meetings. Since I teach 6 periods, I’ll only teach one course twice. At least my days won’t be boring - but sheesh, I don’t know how I will prepare for 5 different subjects. I think I drew the short straw.

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7/19/2014 - Saturday Group Run

15.7 miles at 8:23/mile. It was a long slow death for me this morning. The group managed 30 miles at 7:52/mile. I hung with them for a bit, then got dropped, then they turned around and came back to me, so I ran with them a bit more and got dropped again, and then I just managed to slowly trudge the last few miles home on my own. It’s not often you have the opportunity to get dropped not once, but twice on a single run. Feeling a little lame. Not sure if I will ever be able to run with these guys, but I’ll keep trying. At least they are nice to me now.

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7/18/2014 - Friday

5.5 easy. My legs are tired for some unknown reason. I haven’t run hard all week. Long run tomorrow. The group is going up to 30. If I make half that, I’ll be happy.

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7/17/2014 - Thursday Group Run

6.43 miles at 8:22/mile with 3 x 400 meter pickups at the end at 90% effort.

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7/16/2014 - Wednesday

6 miles easy with my Dad. I only ran a little bit the past few days. My group run was cancelled last night due to storms, so this week is off to a slow start. Hopefully I can get some solid miles in over the next few days.

I bought the Racing Weight Cook Book. I like it! Pretty pictures. We had the cashew salmon last night. Yum.

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My husband got me all excited because he said he found a 25 mile trail loop near the hotel. Unfortunately, his finger was covering the decimal, and it was .25 miles. Funny guy.

Only 3 miles today. We are hitting the road and pointing the car home. I am ready to sleep in my own bed and breath my thick, heavy, humid sea level air again.