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4/15/2014 & 4/16/2014 Tuesday-Wednesday

4/15 - 45 minutes easy with my pregnant friend.

4/16 - 3 miles with Hutch, 4 miles solo in the new neighborhood.

Getting the house painted starting today! Exciting times! This weekend’s project is getting gym fixed up. It is all white. It needs something to look less clinical. Cheerful paint should do it. I love nesting. It is my happy place.

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Sigh…yes my tumblr was hacked

I have been without internet, so I just realized that my tumblr was hacked. Sorry if you were offended by the nude girls spam. If you found the info useful, then you’re welcome I guess. Password has been changed. Back to your original programming.

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Monday - 4/14/2014

1 measly mile this morning. I finally have the rest of my life in order and am ready to get back into a running routine, but a thunderstorm blew in minutes after I headed out this morning. I need to get my treadmill put together.

I went for a 2 hour hike with a friend yesterday on the trails near the new house. We started right at dawn and it was lovely. I can’t wait to run those trails. They are amazing. 26 miles of peaceful solitude. We only made it out about 4 before turning back.

I love our new house. I am so happy to have the move behind us. I also had my annual appraisal last week, so there really isn’t anything else looming. I am trying hard not to find something to stress about. They are proposing building a retirement home down the street and my neighbors are all upset. You can’t stop development. I can think of worse things than a retirement home. There is like NO traffic at retirement homes because they don’t drive. I am trying not to get caught up in this drama. What will be, will be.

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I know, I know. I have been talking about moving forever. But, it has been a constant disruption to the normal flow of our lives for weeks. We are finally in our new house! We still have a lot to do, but I think we found a good one. It just feels right. Did I mention it has a gym? It has a room directly off of the garage with epoxy coated concrete floors and air conditioning. Perfect home for my treadmill, my husband’s weight bench and the exercise bike my mom is giving us. Oh, and a TV. Funny thing…we didn’t know that room existed when we bought the house. It was a pleasant surprise :) I kind of just walked in, looked around for 5 minutes and said “let’s get this one”. Who looks in the garage? This time, my impulsiveness worked out.

Anyhow, moving has gotten in the way of running. Thank goodness for my parents’ help or else I would have had a nervous break down. How do people do it without family nearby? Add to that the fact that i have been pretty sick for about a week, and my son’s 4th birthday party was Sunday…and running has seemed pretty low on the priority list. I had this grand plan to get my son’s new room all painted and decorated to surprise him after his birthday by showing it to him for the first time. I got it mostly done, but it just about killed me. It was dark blue. I painted it pale yellow. It took 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint. 4 freakin’ coats. I pretty much worked on it non stop for 16 hours the day before his party. I also bought a 4 foot tall stuffed bear to be sitting in his bed when he first saw it. It was worth it. He squealed. Someday, I’ll use it as a guilt trip when he is a surly teenager.

I also fell off the Whole30 thing. I plan to start it over as soon as I have a chance to stock the fridge at the new house. I really liked it.

Anyhow, the alarm is set to run tomorrow. Now I just need to find the box that has my running clothes…

Oh, we don’t have internet or cable yet. It is strangely awesome. I might just read a book tonight.

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Friday - 4/4/2013

45 minutes easy with a friend. Not much else to say.

I am liking the Whole30 meal plan. It seems to keep my blood sugar regulated better so I don’t crash.

So so so glad it’s Friday. Big weekend! My son’s 4th Birthday party and moving into our new house…finally.

Now I just hope the weather cooperates - it’s an outdoor birthday venue and there’s a 50% chance of storms.

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Thursday - 4/3/2014

65 minutes easy with my Dad. Felt good. I think I might add a low key quality day in once a week starting next week.

Day 4 of Whole30. I tried coconut milk in my coffee this morning because it seems to be the only Whole30 approved “creamer”. Not a fan. It seems like something mothers might feed constipated babies. It is an oily, disgusting mess. I don’t know if I can do another 26 days without my morning latte. The rest of it is fine. I did cheat and eat three throat lozenges yesterday because I am fighting a bit of a cold. No, I am not starting the 30-days over.

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Tuesday - 4/1/2014

40 minutes easy with my Dad.

Day 2 of Whole30 and I miss cream in my coffee more than anything. Otherwise, it isn’t so bad. Yet. Though the air did smell like donuts on my run this morning. Sugar withdrawal hallucinations perhaps? Damn. Now I want a donut.

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Monday - 3/30/14

60 minutes easy with 4 strides mixed in.

I am trying out this Whole30 diet. It’s 30 days of no sugar, alcohol, grain, dairy, or legumes. After 30 days, you slowly introduce those foods and see how your body reacts. Sounds fun, no?

Coffee is on the approved list. Though, I can’t make my normal sugary, milky latte. But, it’s coffee. Even if it was prohibited, I wouldn’t give it up. You can pry my morning caffeine hit from my cold dead hands.

Happy Monday.

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Just pulled up next to Spiderman on the highway. No big deal.

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Saturday 3/29/2014

Another 65 minutes with my friend. Did I mention that this friend has done Leadville twice? She is definitely adding fuel my ultra running fire.

Long run tomorrow! Slowly getting my mileage back of after a month long hiatus.